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Custom Roller Clutch Assembly Machines

This automated roller clutch assembly machine features individually cam-operated stations, providing easier set-up and maintenance.  Two shuttle cars, two springs and two rollers are placed at a time, allowing for smoother, more precise assembly. This automated roller clutch assembly machine can produce 225 pieces per hour at 100% efficiency, with a cycle time of 16 seconds.  

Sequence of Operation

  1. Load cage.
  2. Orient cage.
  3. Assemble shuttle cards.
  4. Assemble springs.
  5. Idle.
  6. Assemble rollers.
  7. Inspect.
  8. Unload cage assembly.

IPS designs and builds automated roller clutch assembly machines that improve cycle time and provide smooth, precise assembly. Contact IPS for more information about our custom machine-building capabilities.

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