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CNC Machine Rebuilding, Control Retrofits

Ingersoll Production Systems equipment is built to last!  Even after sustained, heavy-duty, multi-shift use, our CNC machining centers can be rebuilt to extend their productive life.  State-of-the-art controls can be added.  The latest in gauging can be integrated.

IPS is an expert machine rebuilder and can provide CNC machine rebuilding, retooling, control upgrade and retrofit services to support your IPS machining center or automated assembly machine or to upgrade machinery from other suppliers.

We begin by performing an on-site assessment of your machining center or assembly machine.  Depending on your requirements, the machine can be disassembled and every part inspected.  

Product changes often drive the need to modify machines, fixturing, tooling and controls.  In extreme cases a completely different component must be processed through an existing machine.  IPS has a dedicated group of highly qualified sales, engineering, assembly and service people ready to meet your CNC machine rebuilding, control retrofit or machine retool needs.  

Whether your machine is an old Ingersoll or from another company, IPS has experiance on many of the top suppliers:

  • Ingersoll Milling Machines
  • RAK-Rehnberg
  • Mag
  • Excello
  • Huller-Hille
  • Grob
  • Comau
  • NTC
  • Enshu
  • Kingsbury
  • Trio
  • Gilman

Whatever machine you currently have, IPS is your source for cost-effective machine rebuilds.  Gain a competitive advantage by allowing IPS to assist you with your machine rebuilding and retooling or control upgrade and retrofit needs.   Contact IPS to speak with our Rebuild Manager.

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