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Flexible Transfer Lines

Fast and agile is better.  If a greater degree of agility is needed, IPS can configure an agile cell or flexible transfer line that incorporates everything from VECTOR to horizontal CNC machining centers, 3-axis modules to head indexers and head changers, robots to gantry loaders - achieving the perfect balance of cost-efficient production with the flexibility to react quickly to the global landscape.  Our engineers are expert systems integrators - including fixturing, tooling, software, and auxiliary equipment.

These flexible transfer lines are preferred for manufacturing requirements where there is a strong probability that products and volumes will change during the productive life of the equipment, or when there is a variety of parts that must be processed in random batches.  We have a range of production-oriented horizontal CNC machining centers that can be configured to meet the unique requirements of your parts.  These CNC machines can be integrated with a variety of material handling alternatives, including robots, power and free conveyors and individual between-unit transfers.  In all cases, IPS can provide a complete turnkey flexible transfer line, including fixturing, tooling, programs and installation.  Knuckles, gear boxes, brake components, blocks, heads and valve bodies are the types of parts that make good candidates for flexible transfer lines.

Contact IPS for more information about our capabilities to develop a flexible transfer line that meets your production requirements.

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