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Custom Industrial Automation Machines

Ingersoll Production Systems has been building custom industrial automation systems since 1929.  During this time, we have designed and built thousands of automation machines, many of which are still in use throughout North America and Europe.

Automation Machine Solutions

With its breadth of knowledge in industrial automation systems, IPS designs and builds application-specific automation machinery that provides maximum production efficiency. Custom assembly automation machines designed by IPS vary from manual operation to fully automatic. More than 90% of IPS's business is in designing and building custom industrial automation machines, with the remainder devoted to rebuilding a variety of custom machines, including our own machines and those built by other manufactures.

IPS specializes in the following types of custom-built, automated assembly machines:

Our company's in-depth experience in the manufacture of custom machines makes us well suited to design, build, and rebuild a wide variety of automated assembly machines.   On the right are example parts that have been manufactured or assembled on one of our machines.

Contact IPS to discuss your company's need for a custom automated assembly machine.



Spider Assemblies

Transmission Carrier Assemblies

Transmission Gears

Gate Valve Bodies

Rack/Pinion Tube Assemblies

Needle Cup Assemblies

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