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Special Purpose Assembly Machines

Ingersoll Production Systems can design a special purpose assembly machine for your unique production requirement.  Once we know the output rate, tolerances and material characteristics, we can work with you to develop the correct solution.  These custom assembly machines are typically built from proven machine and control modules so that delivery times are shorter and cost value is maximized. We provide the "complete" system, including tooling, fixturing, material handling and installation.

Cage Bearing Machine

To the right is an example of a special purpose assembly machine that produces the Cage Bearing part seen below.

The Trunnion Loader is another example of a special purpose machine that has been designed and built for very specific applications.

With more than 90 years experience in designing and building special purpose assembly machines, IPS is prepared to work with you to develop the best machine for your special application.


ontact IPS for more information about our capabilities to design and build special purpose machines.

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