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Dedicated Transfer Lines

Historically nothing produces parts in high volumes more economically than a transfer line dedicated to that task. Dating back to when Henry Ford first introduced assembly line production, Ingersoll Production Systems has pioneered the development of "all things transfer line."  

Today, however, many manufactures think that the transfer line is dead. But, we at IPS know differently. There are many situations where transfer lines, either "in line" or "rotary dial", are still the most cost-effective equipment to manufacture parts with a unique design and/or a long life cycle. Transfer lines from IPS also can be designed to incorporate flexibility for future part changes.


IPS specializes in designing industrial automation systems that maximize plant productivity. Working in collaboration with our customers, IPS engineers can design highly efficient dedicated transfer lines that handle every function of your part production, including milling, drilling, tapping or boring. Just as in the days of Henry Ford, IPS dedicated transfer lines most commonly are used in the automotive industry.

IPS engineers can assist in developing dedicated transfer lines that improve high-volume part production, or retool existing equipment for part changes.

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