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Custom Spider Assembly Machines

The custom spider assembly machine shown here is one of the latest models of this type of automated assembly machine built by Ingersoll Production Systems. The spider assembly machine has been designed to have a small footprint, with unitized construction so that it can be moved as a unit with a single fork truck.

The machine has a 32-station dial index table that handles all assembly and test operations. They are:

  1. Manual part loading.
  2. Automatic probe and rotate.
  3. Automatic ball loading.
  4. Automatic needle loading.
  5. Camera inspection for needle roller presence.
  6. Automatic assembly of snap ring and retained ring.
  7. Automatic pull test to verify snap ring and retainer ring.
  8. Manual part unloading .
This custom spider assembly machine can produce 400 pieces per hour when operating at 100% efficiency. This translates into an impressive 9-second cycle time.

Contact IPS for more information about how our custom machine-building capabilities can improve your production times.

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